About Us

FLOREMPAQUE CO.,LTD is an ecuatorian firm with large experience in the manufacture of bags for food in diverse materials and sleeves for flowers for local and international markets. We work with polypropylene, biodegradable polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, nylon and metallized.

For food packing, we count with technology capable of doing different types of sealing: lateral seal, type T seal, easy open adhesive seal, pouch and zipper. Also, we count with lamination and printing processes. In lamination, we can combine until 3 layers of material for bags, and rolls with automatic and vacuum packing. In printing we count with full HD flexo-printing in 8 colors.

The staff throughout the existence of the company, has strengthened its expertise in labor and specialization; allowing greater productivity and performance, which makes us a reliable, fast and efficient in serving customers with quality products and competitive prices.

Always ready to meet any requirement, and with the confidence that our company has the capacity to meet the needs of our customers.



FLOREMPAQUE CIA. LTDA, is a company created to meet the needs and expectations of its customers, when it comes to packaging alternatives, with competitive costs, strengthening compliance with the quality and service required by a work of continuous improvement of the company, renewal technological and constant personnel training.



Be an excellent alternative for those who need plastic packaging in a competitive market, committing ourselves to our customers, suppliers and all the personnel involved in the process.



Strategic Objectives

  • Provide a high quality product with multiple options for different applications.
  • Extend our customer base through an increase in our production capacity.
  • Strengthen our position as an alternative solution in the manufacture and sale of packaging with a quality product and quick responsiveness.
  • Provide excellent customer service, quickly and efficiently.  Providing permanent advice to our customers in Florempaque so that they can find support in our production chain.


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